Congratulations Dari on becoming Dr. Spasova!

The Sarafova Lab would like to congratulate Darina Spasova on the successful defense of her thesis July 7th, 2016.

Southeastern Immunology Symposium 2016

Sejiro Littleton ’15 and Chika Fijii ’17 presented their research at the Southeastern Immunology Symposium at Duke University last month. Using Green Fluorescent Protein with a very short half life as a reporter, they generated mice, in which changes of Cd4 gene expression can…

DRI grant awarded to Chika Fujii ‘17

Congratulations to Chika  for obtaining the highly competitive Davidson Research Initiative summer fellowship grant. She will be studying transcriptional dynamics of the Cd4 gene using green fluorescent protein reporter mice.

Upcoming Thesis Defense: Darina Spasova

Darina Spasova Class of 2010 will defend her PhD thesis work at Scripps Research Institute on July 7th 2016. The Sarafova Lab Members wish her good luck in her future research endeavors and look forward to attending the event.

Mid-Winter Conference of Immunologists at Asilomar, CA

Melpi Kasapi’16 & Chika Fujii’17